Friday, September 22, 2006

Low Estrogen Causes Hair Loss

The body of a person, particularly the woman, needs an appropriate level of Estrogen to function properly. Any manifestation of imbalance on the level of Estrogen can cause malfunctions and certain complications in the system.

There are so many negative effects in a woman’s body when she has low levels of estrogen. Her blood pressure can have a tendency to reduce than the normal; she can also suffer from an intense feeling of depression and other physical changes such as hair loss and poor memory.

Few of the women who experiences low Estrogen levels also suffered from Osteoporosis. This is due to the weakening of the bones of a person. This is also a bit risky because osteoporosis can lead to a lifetime disorder.

Sometimes, you tend to misinterpret the signs that are marked by the low level Estrogen and the menopausal symptoms. You have to be clear about it because you do not know if you are already suffering from Estrogen deficiency. It could be true because some of the symptoms of menopause re also signs of the deficiency, better if you take an advice from your doctor.

In order for you to have a clearer perception when you have a low estrogen level, it is necessary that you should know the following signs and symptoms:

1. There is a rapid pulse rate that causes your heart rate to increase.
2. Some areas of vagina is swollen which is abnormal during menopausal period.
3. The woman usually experiences fatigue even though she is not exposed to strenuous activities. Simple tasks can easily make her tired.
4. There is the so-called memory gap or memory failure for a short period of time.
5. The joints become painful and stiff due to its bloating appearance.
6. The urge when it comes to sexual activities also decreases.
7. An intense depression and irritation is sometimes experienced.
8. A constant pain on the lower portion of the back.
9. The skin of the person most specifically the vaginal skin also dries.
10. She also has excessive weight gain though she may not appear fat.

Medications and therapies are available for treating this failure in your Estrogen level. However, you must be curious about the complications of the medicines because it can lead you to another type of disease such as cancer. You can also try some herbal medicines if recommended for you. Always remember that you should first consult your doctor before taking any kind of estrogen treatments.


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